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A Belgrade-based digital designer specializing in web design and branding. I love shaping unique visual languages & enhancing online user experiences.

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Other brands I've worked with

Samsung Digital Pressence
Led a team for eighteen months to enhance Samsung's online shop in partnership with a local vendor. Our role involved website maintenance, social media content creation, and ad campaigns, enriching the online shopping experience.

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Realme Social Media Localization
Over nine months, I worked on enhancing Realme's brand awareness and community engagement through innovative Instagram campaigns and interactive content. The efforts of our team significantly boosted brand interactions and Google searches for Realme devices in Serbia, solidifying customer loyalty and establishing a stronger brand presence.

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Hyundai WIA Website Localization
For the Hyundai WIA project, our challenge was to create a localized version of their website, ensuring it echoed the international site's style and essence. We focused on content localization and design alignment to provide a consistent and familiar experience for local users, paralleling the global Hyundai WIA brand standards.

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Alpha Electronics Brand Strategy

For nearly two years, I led a team at Alpha Electronics, developing and implementing a digital strategy that significantly enhanced their online presence and audience engagement. We were responsible for all creative visual content across social media and other communication channels. Despite achieving notable impact and results, the project was concluded due to a strategic shift at the parent company, leading to the discontinuation of the Alpha Electronics brand's further development.

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Deployed Website Illustrations
Collaborating with a colleague, I co-created a series of distinctive website illustrations for These illustrations were integral in defining the website's visual identity, significantly influencing its overall look and feel.

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Pokimitza Filigree Identity & Website
For Pokimitza Filigree, one of the best masters in filigree art, I revamped his brand identity and website. My work included a new logo design and brand guidelines and developing a new website to showcase his exceptional artistry.

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Verawall Identity & Website
For VeraWall, a company specializing in diverse facade panels that mimic textures like stone, concrete, and bricks, I created a complete visual identity and website. The website effectively showcases their wide range of panel options, highlighting the unique aesthetic appeal and versatility of their products.

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Services I Provide

01 Website Design & Redesign
I offer tailored website design and redesign services, focusing on creating sites that perfectly balance aesthetic appeal with user-centric functionality. My goal is to ensure your website not only looks great but also effectively communicates your brand's message and engages your audience.
02 UI/UX Design
My UI/UX design services are all about creating intuitive and engaging user interfaces. Understanding your users' behaviors and needs allows me to design experiences that are visually appealing and easy to navigate, enhancing user satisfaction and fostering loyalty.
03 Digital Product Design
As a digital product designer, I'm passionate about turning innovative ideas into reality. I approach each project with a fresh perspective, aiming to design products that are not only visually compelling but also intuitive and user-friendly, enhancing the digital experience for users.
Webflow & Elementor
Using Webflow and Elementor, I develop custom websites that are visually appealing and easily manageable. This service is designed to give you full control over your site, with the flexibility to easily update content and scale as your business grows.
01 Logo Design
In my logo design process, I focus on creating symbols that encapsulate the essence of your brand. Each design is a journey towards finding the perfect identity that stands out, tells your brand's story, and makes a lasting impression on your audience.
02 Brand Guidelines
Brand guidelines are the roadmap for your brand's identity. I create comprehensive brand guidelines that define your brand's visual and communication strategy, ensuring consistency across all your brand communications and reinforcing your presence.
03 Design Systems
Developing a scalable design system is crucial for maintaining brand consistency. My focus is on creating design systems that streamline your creative process, ensuring that your brand remains cohesive across all digital and physical touchpoints.

The Tools I use

figma logowebflow logowordpress logoelementor logoadobe illustrator logophotoshop logogoogle analytics logohotjar logosemrush logonotion logo

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Nikola Petrovic at Stolovi mountain's highest peakNikola Petrovic at Stolovi mountain's highest peak

What I love

I balance the art of design with data precision, trying to create harmonious and effective work. Beyond design, I cherish moments with my family and time spent in nature, exploring mountain paths, fishing, and cooking. These passions not only enrich my life but also infuse a unique freshness into my designs.

My experience​

With a background in graphic design and years of experience in both brand and product design, I've honed my skills across various industries. Leading teams and global client collaborations have been a journey of constant learning, ensuring each project surpasses expectations.


Guided by the 'as human as possible' philosophy, my design approach prioritizes user connection. Through collaborative creativity, I strive to produce designs that are visually appealing and deeply resonate with the audience.


Inspiration comes to me in many forms – the beauty of nature, the dynamic patterns of urban architecture, and the diverse stories of people I meet. These elements fuel my creativity, helping me to infuse a sense of wonder, functionality, and innovation into every design.

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