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Business portal for construction company

Client: Savadeck
Year: 2023-2024
Website in Development
Savadeck business portal showcase on macbook
Savadeck is a construction company in Serbia, known for its innovative use of composite materials for decking, cladding, and fences. With a strong digital presence, Savadeck is continuously evolving and enhancing its online footprint. I've been privileged to accompany them on this journey of learning and digital growth for several years. This project marks a significant milestone in our collaboration. As Savadeck expanded, the demand for a customized e-commerce solution became evident, moving beyond the capabilities of their current WordPress site. This necessity opened the door for me to play a crucial role in the development of a web portal designed to streamline both customer interactions and internal operations.
Savadeck business portal showcase on macbook

Tackling the design for users not versed in technology presented a formidable challenge. The initial phase involved identifying user personas and laying out preliminary sketches.

This was followed by a detailed mapping of the shop's functionalities, forming the cornerstone of the portal. After a thorough visual briefing and dividing the project into manageable phases, I set about crafting visual guidelines for the entire platform.

Savadeck business portal user personasSavadeck business portal wireframe hand-made sketchesSavadeck business portal functionalities mapping - user flowSavadeck business portal styleguide - fontsSavadeck business portal styleguide - colorsSavadeck business portal styleguide - shadowsSavadeck business portal buttons previewSavadeck business portal iconography previewSavadeck business portal pages design mobile device preview

Shop and Product Pages:

The shop's homepage and product pages were developed with a modular layout in mind, accommodating the varied nature of the products, especially the complex offerings like fence systems. For fence projects, we revolutionized the offer creation process, reducing the time from 45 minutes to just 3 minutes.

Savadeck business portal shop page preview on macbookSavadeck business portal shop page designSavadeck business portal product pages designSavadeck business portal product pages design

Ordering Process Enhancement:

The new shop integrates seamlessly with the central database for real-time updates on prices, stock, and reservations. A multi-step cart process was designed specifically for Savadeck workers, making online navigation and order placement more intuitive.

Savadeck business portal pages design - multi step check out processSavadeck business portal pages design mobile device preview

Stock, Warehouses and Tours Management:

A separate section was dedicated to stock & warehouse management and tracking incoming factory tours. The interface, reminiscent of Google Sheets or Excel, simplifies record-keeping for workers, transitioning them from traditional methods to a more efficient digital system.

Savadeck business portal showcase, preview on macbooksSavadeck business portal pages design
This project is among the largest and most rewarding I've undertaken, reflecting Savadeck's commitment to embracing advanced UX and UI practices. The creative freedom granted by Savadeck has been truly inspiring, contributing to a rich learning experience and a fulfilling collaboration. The full details of this extensive project will be shared through a link once development is complete.
Savadeck business portal website showcase, responsiveness on macbook and iphone

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