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Harmonizing simplicity and style with website for Méli Milo

Client: Méli Milo
Year: 2023
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Meli Milo website design homepage on macbook
Creating the website for Méli Milo music studio in Paris was an exercise in harmonizing form and function. Following the visual identity crafted by my friend and esteemed colleague, Matija Blagojević, I aimed to create a web presence that mirrored the studio's minimalist ethos. Méli Milo desired a site that was easy to navigate without overwhelming content, ensuring visitors could effortlessly discover their services. The design, conceived in Figma and brought to life with WordPress and Elementor, became a testament to simplicity, enhanced by subtle animations for an artistic touch.
Meli Milo logo and studio vibes

The challenge was to create a clutter-free website that encapsulated Méli Milo's essence.

By focusing on essential information and employing discreet animations, the website invites users into Méli Milo's world without unnecessary distractions, embodying the studio's minimalist aesthetic and philosophy.

Meli Milo website design preview on macbookMeli Milo website designMeli Milo website design preview on macbookMeli Milo website design - mobile responsivenessMeli Milo website design preview on phone
Collaborating with Méli Milo to develop their website was an enriching experience, underscoring the power of simplicity in design. The project not only achieved Méli Milo's vision but also reinforced the studio's identity through a clean, accessible digital footprint.
Meli Milo website design homepage on phone

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